Black Links Global (BLG) operations span the continents serving more than 100 countries. BLG has a growing membership across the world but concentrates on developing specific countries. The history of Black Links started with its growth in the United Kingdom. South Africa joined in 2015 with other countries in and across the Caribbean, America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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The above organisational structure provides an entry point for everyone and is the fundamental arrangement replicated across all Black Links geographic area and the country specific portal that covers it.

The people who occupy the management and operational positions add to the organic growth of the Black Links and its members that make up its worldwide community. Their success is multiplied as the effects of their efforts go global.

The benefit of each structure lies in its ability to interlink or connect with any other structure both at membership and organisational level worldwide. This interconnection is made possible through the Black Links communication platform available on every members profile page. The communication allows for one-to-one, conference or presentation calls, visual, audio, recordable, live, worldwide and its free to all , 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. This result is unification.

What happens next as a result of unification on a local, national and international level is that the opportunity to make use of the opportunities is realised and actioned.